Xao Vue

Xao Vue Minnesota Realtor at Fish MLS Realty


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11140 Zealand Avenue N, Champlin, MN 55316

Xao’s Background:

Well to start things off Xao’s Ethnicity is Hmong. His parents came to the United States as immigrants due to the Vietnam war. Xao was born in Thailand in a refugee camp and came to the United States as an infant.

Xao is a military veteran prior Air Force, Crew Chief on Aircraft C-130 considered to be the work horse in the military. He has flown all over the world on C-130’s and have traveled to many places that many won’t have the chance to in their life time.

Xao has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business and has been in Real Estate Industry for over 5+ years. He is married to his beautiful wife Gao and their two daughters Madalynn and Ariel. He enjoys BBQ grilling and hanging out with family and friends on his down time.

He started his Real Estate career working on fixer uppers/flips. Having fixed everything there is to a home, He can practically build a home.


What can Xao do for you, you ask?

Xao’s dream is to one day build his dream home and help those around him achieve that dream as well. He is honest, straight forward, and will give the good, the bad, and the weird directly to you without hesitation.

Xao’s strives to be the best at what he does that’s his pride and glory. Whether you are selling or buying a home you will get his uninvited attention.

Xao’s understanding and expertise of the current markets will help you be on the winning side. Also, with his knowledge in doing flips he can point out issues that you or the home inspector might miss that can save you thousands of dollars down the road. He will be informative and transparent through the entire process.


Want to know more?

Well just ask, hooah.