Xao Vue


Fish MLS Realty

11140 Zealand Avenue N, Champlin, MN 55316

Thank you for stopping by and wanting to know more about me. I am a military veteran prior Air Force. Crew Chief on Aircraft C-130 considered to be the work horse in the military. I have flown all over the world on C-130’s and have traveled to many places that many won’t have the chance to in their life time.

I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Business and Communication. I have been in the business field for over 10+ years. I am married to my beautiful wife Gao and our two daughters Madalynn and Ariel. Current hobbies are gardening, cruising on my motorcycle, and BBQ with friends and family. I needed a change of pace and with the right timing in my life I deiced to get my realtor license.

Why, you ask?

Well that’s a good question. Well to start things off I am Hmong. My parents came to the United States as immigrants due to the Vietnam war. I was born in Thailand in a refugee camp and came to the United States as a baby. Growing up had its challenges, but within those challenges it gave me the skill sets needed as a handyman.

I started to help my family and relatives work on fixer uppers as an investment property ever since I started High School. Having fixed everything there is to a home, I can practically build a home. Throughout the years, I have been working on fixer uppers as side projects for extra income.

With the right timing in my life and getting my realtor license. It will enable me to retain my hard-earned money on those fixer uppers. Not only that but it will help those around me buy and sell their homes.

What can I do for you, you ask?

Well my dream is to one day build my dream home and help those around me achieve that dream as well. Besides working on fixer uppers as extra income, I want to dedicate some of my time to those around me and those that think I am the man to help with their dream home. Whether it be an addition to your home, finding the perfect fixer upper to turn into your dream home, or building your dream home from scratch and working with new construction.

Other perks about me:

I have dealt with VA loans many times and know the ins and outs to get you thru smoothly.

Honest, straight forward, and will give the good, the bad, and the weird directly to you without hesitation.

Want to know more about me?

Well just ask, hooah.