On Monday, May 16, 2016, we will be having an exciting event at the Fish MLS Realty office in Champlin, MN. Image 1 Studios will be here to provide photographic services to upgrade our website.


Photography sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. Images will be available for purchase, but again, there is no obligation.  First image at $49.99 (plus a one-time archiving fee of $19.95); other options also available.


        Your 45-minute photo appointment includes all of the following:

·      Photo session with your Image 1 Studios photographer 

·      Pose selection immediately following photography 

·      Agent-directed image editing/retouching while you watch (remove/reduce wrinkles, blemishes, scars; brighten/straighten teeth; remove/reduce double chin; enhance eye color, etc.) 

·      Image formatting as per agency website specs 

·      Copyright release of your selected image for our office website


We want everyone who does not have a current professional photograph, needs an update, or is a new agent with us to schedule an appointment today. Contact the office or schedule at the front desk. (Please remember one agent per appointment time.)

Here are the times for the photo event on Monday May 16th.  Please email to reserve a time.  
9:30  Stephanie Rutherfor
10:15  Ashli Rutherfor
10:45  Tammy Hanson
1:15 Jason Borowitz
2:00 Marisa Rangel
2:45 Jodi Beinke
3:30 Ben Strom
4:15 Johnny Olson