Tim Hakko

Tim Hakko Realtor Fish MLS Realty

11140 Zealand Avenue N

I am really excited to join the wonderful team at Fish MLS Realty.  Jason has guided my family through several complicated real estate transactions, both as seller and buyer, and I know the quality work and outstanding customer service that Fish represents.  And that is the type of service I will provide as your real estate agent. I enjoy getting to know my clients…their dreams, hopes, priorities, and circumstances.  Being a real estate agent is more than just a job for me. It is a fulfilling and exciting partnership during what can be a turning point in your life.  I have a proven track record to work with you to handle the technical details, while you enjoy the process of selling or buying your first or next property.

I am a “go getter” who believes in the importance of having options as demonstrated by my multiple licenses…real estate, electrician, pilot.  I also believe in times for relaxing, regrouping, enjoying the moment and making memories with family and friends.  So, whether your real estate needs are in a contemplative stage or active negotiations, I will bring the qualities that are needed for that particular moment.  

Flexibility in the face of unexpected twists and turns in life is just one of my strengths. My original real estate license was issued in 2005.  My background includes significant experience as a licensed electrician working with construction, residential, and commercial properties since 2001. This, along with proficiency in remodeling and repair, gives me valuable insight concerning structural and electrical systems.  My 16 years of experience as a pilot and 12 years as a flight instructor have taught me the importance of knowing my craft and building upon my innate abilities that include the ability to see broadly and strategically, while also attending to details.

You will find me to be an agent who is exceptionally well-organized and dependable.  I pride myself in checking my text, voicemail, and emails regularly and returning messages promptly.  I want to thoroughly understand your real estate needs and unique situation, so I will sit down with you from the beginning and listen, listen, listen. I want you to be able to say that working with me has been your most positive real estate experience ever.  I am friendly and good-natured.  I will take complicated real estate information and distill it into facts that are clear and concise. These will be communicated with you in a way that ensures transparency and integrity. 

When selling your property, I will be striving for more than just a sale.  I will be working to get multiple offers for your property the first weekend it is on the market. When helping you purchase property, I will help you understand the benefits of negotiations and when to stand firm.  I will understand what you are looking for and be able to communicate that to the seller so they will want to sell their property to YOU, even if it is not their highest offer.


 I have lived in Anoka County for the past 28 years and in the Twin Cities metropolitan area all of my life.  As a husband and father, I know the importance of settling a family in a home that meets the needs of the individual family members, is safe, and is a profitable investment.  I enjoy interacting with people, place value on helping others work towards their dreams and goals, and do this with professionalism, diligence, and a sense of humor.