Xao Vue

Xao Vue Minnesota Realtor at Fish MLS Realty


Fish MLS Realty

11140 Zealand Avenue N, Champlin, MN 55316

Xao Vue is a Realtor on Team Fish MLS.  A diverse team of professionals with immense experience behind them. The team strives to help Buyers/Sellers/Investors to find property and close quickly. His expertise of the current market situation will help you be on the winning side. Not only that his knowledge in fixer uppers he can point out issues that you or the home inspector might miss that can save you thousands of dollars down the road. The key to his success is to be informative and transparent through the entire process.


Xao hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business and has been in Real Estate Industry for over 5+ years also he has over 10+ years of experience with the house flipping market. Xao is a military veteran prior Air Force, Crew Chief on Aircraft C-130 considered to be the work horse. His pride is in working hard, working smart, and working collaborative.



Xao is looking forward to working with you, please reach out to him if you have any questions.