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Douglas County is located in west-central Minnesota. While it is primarily a rural area, there are several options for real estate in the county. The main city in Douglas County is Alexandria, which offers a variety of housing options including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. In addition to Alexandria, other smaller towns in the county such as Brandon, Carlos, and Osakis also have real estate options available.

As for night life in Douglas County, it may not be as bustling as larger metropolitan areas, but there are still some options for entertainment. Alexandria has a few bars and restaurants that offer live music, karaoke, and occasional local events. The city also has a movie theater and bowling alley for those looking for more relaxed activities. Additionally, there are some annual events and festivals in the county that provide opportunities for evening entertainment.

Overall, while Douglas County may not have a vibrant nightlife scene compared to larger cities, it still offers a sense of community and a few options for those seeking real estate and some nighttime entertainment.


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